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How it works?

01 Connecting

ONZ team sees a gap between social media and people interacting in the cyber world and real face-to-face interaction. We aim to build a real-time realspace token based social media community to bridge the gap, holding onto the belief that with ONZ, the team can do something to restore the connectivity breakdown in our society and also raise awareness on the problem.

02 Engaging

This is why the project is named as such, to recognize the value of each other and to acknowledge what others do in real life. The most common action of this appreciation in social media is liking someone's post of a beautiful picture, which can cause appreciation to spread across various social media platforms. Here is how we plan to transform a simple "like" into an action and from an action to a value.

03 Rewarding

ONZCoin aims to model the weighting of an individual in social media, which is primarily based on the following aspect of engagement including active, recognition, influence and asset. To order to be rewarded, ONZ need to have access to your social activities or assets for measurement.

04 Ecosystem

ONZ is building a new social network with crypto reward which encouraging people to put appreciation into action by paying forward Onz coin. That will help to better the ONZ ecosystem. And onzspace will be the platform which ONZ self developed for that goal. And more integrations are on the way to further extend the ONZ ecosystem.